Ezeelink Web software update required

Tuffnells’ Ezeelink Web platform uses Microsoft’s ActiveX technology for label printing. ActiveX will become obsolete later this year. so the installation of Browser Print is needed to ensure you are able to continue to print labels.

You will find a link to the installation guide and walk-through video further down the page. Prior to installation, please check the chart below to identify your Ezeelink Web setup and find the best installation solution (the chart is also included in the front of the installation guide).

Please ensure any installation is completed as soon as possible to ensure the continuation of label printing.

Due to high call volumes, we are talking longer than expected to respond to queries, please bear with us.

In the event you require an interim contingency solution, instructions on how to use Microsoft Edge in IE Compatibility Mode are available on the Ezeelink site (you will need to log in first) in the Downloads section under Browser Print.

Browser Print table


Browser Print installation

With an installation time of no more than ten minutes, our guide will help you to install and configure the Browser Print software.

Download the Browser Print user guide and the Browser Print video guide by logging into Ezeelink and visiting https://www.tpeweb.co.uk/dotweb/downloads.aspx (note: you will need to log in to Ezeelink first).


Please check the printer compatibility section of the guide (on page 6) before attempting the install.

If you have a Terminal Server installation, please see the guidance on page 7 and follow the instructions.

If your primary solution is EDI or Ezeelink Remote, but you occasionally use Ezeelink Web, you will need to sign into Ezeelink Web. Please read the guide before attempting the Browser Print install.