European delivery services

More and more companies are selling to the Continent and beyond. It's a big old world out there - full of business opportunity. And we will help you make the most of it (good job we always promise to go the extra mile).

If you want to start making international deliveries, it's incredibly easy to get started. Our dedicated international transit centre based in Belvedere are happy to help advise on rates, regulations and anything else you need to know when it comes to delivering into Europe or beyond. Their number is 0330 838 0448 or you can email

If you're an existing customer, you can also reach your local depot in the first instance, and we would be happy to make an introduction to the international team at a time that suits you.

NetExpress Europe

We can guarantee outstanding performance reliability across mainland Europe thanks to our strategic alliance with NetExpress Europe - a union of 18 express carriers using the road network to deliver to 36 countries from 820 depots and 27 hubs.

In total, NetExpress Europe handles over 100,000,000 shipments a year, so you can be sure they have the scale and capability which works perfectly alongside our commitment to local, personalised service.

We also have key partnerships with other operators to offer delivery via air and sea.

European Express Parcels and Pallets

A road-based parcel service for deliveries with a maximum weight of 50kg per item/ max. length 3m per item/ max. size (length & girth) of 3m per item; and a service for heavier or larger shipments up to 2500kg in weight and 3m in length.


Via road, air or sea, including: Time Critical service, Air Charter, Courier Service (groupage or on-board).