Making a claim

First of all, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you never have to make a claim. If you do have to, we’ll keep the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible.

If you’re looking to make a claim, we’d be happy to help with the details below. We would encourage you to get in touch with your local team who will be able to escalate your issue and hopefully resolve it quickly (this is the fastest and most effective route in the first instance).

Registering a claim

We carefully monitor any enquiries raised here, but if you have any urgent requests, we would be happy to discuss them with you. You can reach the Credit Admin Team by calling 0114 2564848 or sending an email to Please note this department is available from 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.

If we lose or damage your parcel, your claim must be logged in writing with within 7 days for damage or part loss, or within 21 days to register total loss.

If a parcel is signed for as damaged, please notify your local depot within 7 days of despatch.

When your claim has been registered, you'll receive a 'Customer Claim Request Form (CL2)' to fill in.

To help us investigate and resolve your claim as quickly as possible, please make sure you complete the form thoroughly and give us all the details and attachments requested.

When we've finished our investigations, if you're due compensation it will be paid under Tuffnells Parcels Express Limited terms and conditions of carriage.

Checking your claim

You can check the status of your claim in two ways. Call during our standard opening hours on 0114 256 4833, or email

Please have your claim ID or order reference number handy so we can help you quickly.

How we will work out your compensation

Every CL2 must be accompanied by a manufacturer's invoice for the whole consignment to substantiate the unit price of the goods claimed.

If you can't provide a manufacturer's invoice, don't worry. A copy of your sales invoice is acceptable.

Please note: we usually deduct 30% from a sales invoice to arrive at an estimated cost.

Liability will be determined on the weight of the consignment (pro rata for partial loss or damage).

Payment will be the lesser of the above calculations, minus a deduction of £25 for liability excess.

Please refer to Section 3 of the Tuffnells Parcels Express Limited Condition of Carriage (National) or (International) for full details on consignment types and goods not covered by our standard transit liability.