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Tuffnells using Shiptheory for a fully automated pallet delivery service.

What is Shiptheory?

Shiptheory is a cloud based shipping management platform that connects online retailers to Tuffnells, automatically books shipments, prints labels, and returns tracking numbers within seconds. 


Shiptheory is a product-driven platform with a customer-centric focus. The level of support Shiptheory offers is what sets them apart from all other shipping solutions.

Shiptheory enables merchants to ship 5-10x faster and save up to 7 hours per day, by allowing retailers of all sizes to scale their shipping operations by automating boring and repetitive tasks. Shiptheory can cater for a range of businesses, from marketplace sellers shipping around 50 shipments per month to enterprise operations shipping around 400k per month, the software is scalable and configurable to the suited needs.

The benefits of using Shiptheory

  • Recommended and Accredited Integrations - Direct integrations to over 70 global carriers and 90 eCommerce, marketplace, ERP and OMS platforms. 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction - Dedicated shipping experts on hand to support you throughout your shipping journey. Have a dedicated account manager, phone, email and live chat technical support at no extra cost.

  • Product-driven Platform - Shiptheory agents log all technical and integration requests with a driving force to grow the platform around their customers.

  • Adaptable Functionality - A fully customisable dashboard and shipping rules engine to automatically process shipments, and generate shipping labels and return tracking numbers.

The key features of Shiptheory

  • Include AI-generated handwritten notes with shipments

  • Set it and forget it - let Shiptheory fit into the background of your workflow

  • Pick, Pack, Ship - Barcode Scanning

  • Integrated Labels

  • Green Shipments - automatically offset your carbon footprint

  • Fully customisable returns suite

  • Address Validation Automation

How to set up your account

The integration can be set up within minutes. Any user can either do this themselves via their Shiptheory account or one of the Shiptheory onboarding agents can guide you through this. 

Shiptheory offers a free trial where you can test the connection to your Tuffnells account;


Once created, just select Tuffnells from the list of Carriers available and then you can follow the steps to connect.

Shiptheory initially offers a flexible 14-day free trial and requires no contract. Users can also upgrade or downgrade their plans anytime to suit seasonal business demands. There are no extra fees or hidden costs for onboarding or support.

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