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Environmental & Sustainability Policy Statement

Our commitment

Tuffnells (the “Company”, “we” and “our”) is committed to operating in a way that meets the current needs of our customers without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet the needs of their time. This pledge to conduct business in an environmental and sustainable manner is a fundamental part of our business strategy and maintains the full support of the Company’s Board of Directors.  

Logistics is often perceived as an anti-environmental business sector, but we do not accept that we cannot make conscious decisions to minimise our impact on the planet that we all share. We are committed to assessing the environmental impact of our operations and setting clear and achievable targets to reduce our carbon footprint.

We will:

  • promote responsibility for the environment; 

  • work with our customers and suppliers to develop sustainable practices, products and services;

  • provide business-wide training, advice and information for team members;

  • encourage all team members to vocalise and develop new ideas for initiatives; 

  • promote the involvement in local environmental initiatives and schemes;

  • adhere to all relevant legislation and regulation;

  • work towards ISO accreditation;

  • reduce our use of diesel, electricity, water and other resources;

  • reduce unnecessary waste by reduction, re-use and recycling;

  • integrate fleet enhancements and more ‘green’ travel practices;

  • improve the sustainability of our travel arrangements and use relevant online technology more frequently; and

  • adapt our policies and services to be complementary to this policy statement.

This commitment made is available to all Company team members internally, as well as for all to view on our corporate website.

This plan is to be reported on annually to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact and to improve our overall sustainability.

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