COVID-19 updates for customers


As a consequence of the increased volume during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are experiencing service delays in the following postcode areas.

CH5 1    LL11 3   LL18 1   LL21 9   LL29 7   LL38 2   LL49 0   LL55 9   LL65 2   LL74 8    SY11 4

CH5 2    LL11 5   LL18 2   LL22 7   LL29 8   LL39 1   LL49 9   LL56 4   LL65 3   LL75 7    SY12 0

CH5 4    LL12 0   LL18 3   LL22 8   LL29 9   LL40 1   LL51 9   LL57 1   LL65 4   LL75 8   SY12 2

CH6 5    LL12 7   LL18 4   LL22 9   LL30 1   LL40 2   LL52 0   LL57 2   LL65 9   LL76 8   SY12 9

CH6 6    LL12 8   LL18 5   LL23 7   LL30 2   LL40 9   LL53 5   LL57 3   LL66 0   LL77 7  

CH6 9    LL12 9   LL18 6   LL23 9   LL30 3   LL41 3   LL53 6   LL57 4   LL66 9   LL77 8  

CH7 1    LL13 0   LL18 9   LL24 0   LL30 9   LL41 4   LL53 7   LL57 9   LL67 0   LL77 9  

CH7 2    LL14 5   LL19 0   LL24 9   LL31 9   LL41 9   LL53 8   LL58 8   LL68 0   LL78 7  

CH7 3    LL15 1   LL19 7   LL25 0   LL32 8   LL42 1   LL53 9   LL59 5   LL68 8   LL78 8  

CH7 4    LL15 2   LL19 8   LL26 0   LL33 0   LL42 9   LL54 5   LL60 6   LL68 9   SY10 1  

CH7 5    LL15 9   LL19 9   LL26 9   LL34 6   LL43 2   LL54 6   LL61 5   LL69 9   SY10 7  

CH7 6    LL16 3   LL20 7   LL27 0   LL35 0   LL44 2   LL54 7   LL61 6   LL70 9   SY10 8  

CH7 9    LL16 4   LL20 8   LL28 4   LL36 0   LL45 2   LL55 1   LL62 5   LL71 7   SY10 9  

CH8 7    LL16 5   LL20 9   LL28 5   LL36 6   LL46 2   LL55 2   LL63 5   LL71 8   SY11 1  

CH8 8    LL16 9   LL21 0   LL29 0   LL36 9   LL47 6   LL55 3   LL64 5   LL72 8   SY11 2  

CH8 9    LL17 0   LL21 1   LL29 6   LL37 2   LL48 6   LL55 4   LL65 1   LL73 8   SY11 3  

Service credits will not be offered during this period.

Tuffnells are working closely with the relevant operational teams to resolve the situation as quickly and effectively as possible.


Temporary Surcharge for Europe and Rest of World (Excluding Ireland)

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our European and Worldwide delivery service providers have been forced to implement surcharges for European and Worldwide delivery services. Unfortunately, Tuffnells must therefore introduce a temporary surcharge to all European and Worldwide deliveries.

To continue providing our customers with the best possible European and Worldwide services, we are implementing a surcharge on all non UK deliveries, excluding Ireland, from Monday 6th April 2020 until further notice.

The current disruption in the global logistics industry has increased our cost to serve. This temporary surcharge will allow us to continue to provide you with an effective European and Worldwide delivery solution.

Surcharge amount (GBP per kilo) for Europe and the Rest of World (excluding Ireland)

A surcharge of 30p per kilo will be added to the delivery cost, with a minimum charge of £1.00 per consignment.

Our priority is to continue to supply our customers with a comprehensive delivery solution for all requirements, and this temporary surcharge allows us to do that.

Saturday deliveries

From 4th April we will be suspending Saturday deliveries until further notice.

Credits for delayed deliveries

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is significantly impacting businesses across the UK. Tuffnells continues to be fully operational during these very challenging times. While we are working extremely hard to maintain an excellent service for our customers, circumstances beyond our control have caused some delays to deliveries. In light of these extraordinary circumstances, we will not be issuing credits for delayed deliveries while the Covid-19 crisis continues. Thank you for your understanding.

Issues with delivery and storage

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) we are continuing to work exceptionally hard to maintain service as normal for everyone. However due to business closures across our customer network we are experiencing some difficulties in delivering goods. 

Please be aware that a storage charge may be applied to you if, due to a business closure, we cannot deliver or return your goods and they remain in the Tuffnells network. Thank you for your understanding.

Steps taken to minimise the spread of COVID-19

Here are the steps we’re taking to help minimise the spread of COVID-19 while we maintain the crucial nation-wide logistics service we provide for our customers.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking every precaution to reduce the spread of the virus. This will affect our International Service.

All services to the Republic of Ireland are currently unaffected.

We currently have no services to Turkey/India/South Africa/Africa/Cape Verde/Philippines/Andorra.

Parcel shipments 

Packages only fitting into the below criteria are classed as parcels

Up to 50kg per item actual or volumetric

Up to 270cm long  with a maximum girth of 330cm = calculation L + (Hx2) + (Dx2)

Freight shipments 

Borders around Europe are being closed to all but commercial vehicles currently however, there are delays in departures from UK and long waiting times at borders. Therefore, we are experiencing delays but we are still shipping. France are currently only accepting business shipments with written confirmation that the business will be open. All other European destinations require written confirmation the consignee will be available to accept delivery. All failed deliveries will incur additional fees, for delivery reattempts and storage.

Transit times are likely to be impacted and may be extended to all destinations at any time.

 Other Non-European countries with possible delayed transit times include: USA, Canada, Caribbean, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Indonesia, Argentina, South Korea.

We will continue to keep you updated on any changes to our services.